Phase I: Planning Process/School Profile

A.  Outlining/Identifying parameters of plan           
-Meet with key stakeholders
-Review other schoolwide  plans
-Assist with development of needs assessment

B.  Reviewing and Identifying Change & Instructional Processes
-Meet with Leadership team, site council
-Do Powerpoint presentation on school reform process
-Utilize jigsaw activity-webbing, brainstorming processes
-Identify instructional process/standards-based instruction

C.   Development of school profile
-Disaggregate school test data
-Do evaluation of needs assessment surveys
-Conduct focus group interviews (teachers, staff, parents, admin)
-Observe classrooms for instructional practices
-Assist team with writing statement of need

Phase II: Goal setting/Timelines

A.  Set Goals, Performance Objectives
-Utilize needs assessment data
-Utilize test data
-Utilize results of focus groups
-Utilize results of classroom observations

B.  Develop Timelines for continuous improvement
-Identify & define programs/Activities
-Identify action plan steps to implement programs and schoolwide change process
-Identify resources needed

Phase III: Effective Practices/Reform Programs

A.  Effective Practices
-Identify effective practices being utilized
-Identify effective practices that will meet needs

B.  Reform programs/Action Planning
-Outline strategies for effective use of reform programs
-Write action plan

Phase IV: Parent Involvement Strategies

A.    Conduct focus group interviews-parents
B.    Identify current strategies for involving parents
C.    Disaggregate results of parent surveys
D.    Assist team with writing of parent involvement action plan

Phase V: Professional Development Activities/Technical Support

A. Outline plan for providing professional development
-Assist team with the identification of professional development needs
-Identify District support, external support providers
-Develop plan for utilizing external support providers

Phase VI: Allocation of Resources/Budget development

-Assist school/team with reallocation of current Title I Funding
-Assist team with the utilization of other resources for funding (District, Grants)
-Develop budget for school improvement plan.
-Identify external sources for possible funding (grants)
-Assist schools in applying for CSRD funds

Phase VII: Revise, edit, submit School improvement plan

Phase VIII: Evaluation of Title I Accountability process

-Assist schools with evaluation of accountability process
-Make school visits (2) to evaluate action planning process
-Assist with evaluation report at end of year
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