Key To Success Learning Services works with schools, school districts, state departments of
education, industry, and foundations to support implementation of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and
assessment. Key To Success Learning services has become known for developing classroom-ready curriculum
programs that engage students, making learning enjoyable and effective. By leveraging its  curriculum design
and development resources, and by tapping into its network of experienced curriculum developers and
recognized consultants, Key To Success Learning Services has repeatedly proven its ability to create effective
learning tools for any subject area or grade level.

We do five primary types of work: professional development workshops and institutes; support for on-site
implementation; development and dissemination of products, materials, and information in school
improvement and reform; research and development and program evaluation. Because standards-based
learning requires long-term support, we primarily work through contracts for identified services to a school,
district, or make clients over time.

At the classroom level, we support:
-Development of standards-based units of study.
-Using standards to strengthen all areas of learning.
-Design of instruction based on research and best practices.
-Development of classroom level standards-based assessment tools and strategies.
-Development of standards-based means of reporting student progress to parents.

At the school and district levels, we support:
-Alignment with standards of local curriculum and assessment programs.
-Development of procedures for adopting, adapting, and creating instructional materials and assessment tools.
-Development and implementation of mentoring, colleague support, and staff evaluation systems
-Professional development for standards-based curriculum.
-Creating standards-based ways to communicate and report results to the public.  
-Evaluation of programs for schools and districts.
Key To Success Learning Services
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